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By Caprice Home Size Guide


Scroll down for the By Caprice Lingerie size guide as well has hints and tips to find out and measure your own chest size

By Caprice Lingerie Size Guide 


Find out your chest size: 

1. Find out your chest size:

Run the measuring tape around your body directly underneath your breasts, all the way around your back and ribcage. Write down the measurement. Add five inches to that number and that is your chest size.

2. Find out your cup measurement:

Run the measuring tape all the way around your body again, this time with the tape running over the top of your breasts from at their fullest point (usually the middle of the breast), and write down your measurements.

3. Subtract the difference between your cup measurement and your chest measurement - your cup measurement will be larger.

4. The number that represents the difference between your cup and chest measurement will help you find you true cup size.

5. Use the following guide to determine your cup size:
Up to 1/2 inch = AA
1/2 to 1 inch = A
1 inch to 2 inches = B
2 to 3 inches = C
3 to 4 inches = D
4 to 5 inches = DD


1.  Bras are usually sold with even number chest sizes. So, if your chest measurement is an odd number you may want to buy the next size up.

2. Many lingerie and department stores offer free bra fittings, so you may want to seek professional advice to find your bra size.

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